News February 2018

The Roxie drive NX project is more alive than ever, during these last days I have been collecting technical information and doing some tests, with very interesting results. Although it is in a first phase, the new Nextor driver aims to improve its performance in USB operations. In the first tests I managed to reach an increase of 20% in data transfer rate.

On the other hand I am preparing a new batch of cartridges, finally on Sunday afternoons they serve for something useful !!! 😉

If you are interested in the cartridge send me an email! read more

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LOADROM, the new feature.

I am still working hard in the driver of Rookie drive 720, and this week I finaly get to work a new feature, LOADROM.

Using Call loadrom(“filename.rom”), you can load 8/16/32K Rom files into the MSX RAM, fast and easy, (not all the roms work, but a lot of them load well)

This video is in realtime, just see and ejoy.

And this one, using a little program in BASIC saved in the AUTOEXEC.BAS

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