SofaRun v3.0 DiskROM image for Rookie drive NX

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SofaRun v3.0 DiskROM image for Rookie drive NX

This zip contains a disk image .DSK for the Rookie drive NX DiskROM, includes NEXTOR.SYS, COMMAND2.COM  to boot Nextor and SofaRun v3.0Install procedure:

How to install:
Pres CTL+R at boot up, recovery tool will be loaded, wait until the USB is detected (the name of the device will be shown on the second line).

Press F2 to start memory flashing process, wait until ends.

Press ESC to reboot.

SofaRun v3.0 features:

 * SofaRun v3.0 *
 * coded by Louthrax in April 2017 *


SofaRun is an MSX tool that allows you to run disk, cassette and
cartridge (.ROM) images. Various settings can be set and stored
for each game. It can also be used to launch normal MSX-DOS 2 and
BASIC programs.

It features a joystick controlled file browser, ZIP files support,
options to map JoyMega buttons to keyboard and "soft reset",
allowing you to play lying on your sofa just like a lazy penguin!


You are allowed to freely use and distribute SofaRun for any non-
commercial usage.

This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied
warranty. In no event will the author be held liable for any
damages arising from the use of this software.


MSX computer with MSX-DOS 2, and some extra memory free on the
main slot depending on what you want to do and which settings are
used. For most of the usages, you'll an MSX machine with 256KB
memory, even if some features might work with less memory.

The SRAM auto-save feature requires a Panasonic PAC or FM-PAC.

Launching a ROM image requires some extra memory or a specific
device. Supported ROM devices in SofaRun v3.0 are:

* Memory mapper
 * turboR mapper
 * SD Snatcher
 * Snatcher
 * MegaRAM
 * MegaFlashROM SCC
 * MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD
 * Multi-MSXRAM
 * MegaFlashROM SCC+


* ZIP files support (see the "ZIP files support" section for

* Disk access when running ROMs. You can save and load,
 for example, your King's Valley stages or Game Masters game
 * Option to edit text files on any MSX machine (even MSX 1),
 using the great & free VEDIT.COM tool.
 * Basic Copy, Paste and Delete operations on files and

* SofaSet tool to control all MSX2 RCT settings.
 * Writing back tape images (.CAS) to real tape, thanks to Martos'

* SRAM auto-backup.

* Game Master 1 and Game Master 2 support. Game Master 2 can be
 used only with a supported flash device, but Game Master 1
 works without for small ROMs.

* Soft reset: if you have selected JoyMega support, you can reset
 the game by pressing the [A] and [Start] button simultaneously.

* Editable SR.INI file. You can specify your "saves" and
 "temporary" locations here, define your custom palettes, and
 even your own file-type associations.

* Save of all settings for each game, so that you don't have to
 set them every time.

* Support of external SCC or SCC+ sound cartridge,if you want to
 hear the "real thing".

* PSC to SCC: you can redirect PSG sounds to an SCC cartridge, and
 define SCC waveform for each PSG channel.

* Various settings, like other game loaders (video mode, language,
 CPU mode, MSX version).