Rookie drive NX Firmware update 2017-07-12

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Rookie drive NX Firmware update 2017-07-12

File content

RECOVERY.DSK contains:

  • RDRECO.BIN, Rookie Drive Recovery v1.08 (binary format)
  • UPDATE.BAS. basic loader for RDRECO.BIN

RDFIRMWA.ROM contains:

  • Rookie drive bootloader v1.1
  • Rookie Drive Recovery v1.09
  • Rookie Drive 720 driver v1.3.5
  • Rookie Drive Nextor driver v1.0

Update procedure

Donwload and extract the .zip file in the root directory of USB pendrive, insert the USB pendrive in Rookie drive NX cartridge (Rookie drive needs to be inserted in your MSX), turn on your MSX computer, let your Rookie drive to boot RD720 (floppy disk emulator driver) or force by pressing "7" at boot time. Once the BASIC prompts, type the following command:

call insertdisk("RECOVERY.DSK")

And then


The Rookie drive recovery tool will apear.

    Rookie Drive Recovery v1.08
    USB device:  USB DISK 2.0
    Rookie Drive in slot: 1

    Press one of these keys:

    [F1] Install Firmware (RDFIRMWA.ROM)

    [F2] Install Disk-ROM (RDDISK.DSK)

    [F3] Erase Disk-ROM

     -Push [ESC] key to Reboot-

And then press F1 key to update the firmware, once the process ends press ESC to reboot the computer.