Rookie drive NX Firmware update 2019-01-08

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Create Date 21 enero, 2019
Last Updated 23 enero, 2020

Big thanks to Konamiman, awesome work, he did it, the UFI FDD driver for Rookie drive!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!

Changes form the last version

Rookie Drive Recovery v1.12

  • Detects USB FDD (UFI protocol), then USB FDD controller driver is loaded.
  • Warning message if the USB device reports more than 200 mA of maximum power consumption

Rookie Drive 720 driver v1.3.9

  • AUTOEXEC.DSK feature addedd: when the file exists is loaded directly.

Rookie Drive Nextor driver v1.1

  • Data transfer speed increased up to 18%

Rookie Drive FDD BIOS v1.0

  • New driver programed by Konamiman, performs like a floppy disk controller, just plug an UFI USB FDD and enjoy.

File content

RDFIRMWA.ROM contains:

  • Rookie drive bootloader v1.2
  • Rookie Drive Recovery v1.11
  • Rookie Drive 720 driver v1.3.9
  • Rookie Drive Nextor driver v1.1
  • Rookie Drive FDD BIOS v1.0

Update procedure

Donwload and extract the .zip file in the root directory of USB pendrive, insert the USB pendrive in Rookie drive NX cartridge (Rookie drive needs to be inserted in your MSX), turn on your MSX computer, press CTL+R on boot, if Rookie drive recovey appears then press F1, confirm and the update will begin, once the process ends press ESC to reboot the computer.

Sample view of recovery menu:

    Rookie Drive Recovery v1.11
    USB device:  USB DISK 2.0
    Rookie Drive in slot: 1

    Press one of these keys:

    [F1] Install Firmware (RDFIRMWA.ROM)

    [F2] Install Disk-ROM (RDDISK.DSK)

    [F3] Erase Disk-ROM

     -Push [ESC] key to Reboot-