Recovery tool in audio format

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Create Date 20 marzo, 2018
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Disaster Recovery Tool

Here is the Rookie drive recovery tool RDRECO.BIN (look above in the download link) converted to audio, it can be loaded from casette port by using:


Audio recovery form the web

Please note that you need a pendrive with the firmware file RDFIRMWA.ROM, the procedure may be as follows

- Donwload the firmware and copy RDFIRMWA.ROM to the pendrive
- Insert Rookie drive cartridge into the MSX, plug the pendrive, turn the Rookie drive switch to left position
- Turn on the MSX computer, and let BASIC start.
- Back the Rookie drive switch to rigth position.
- Type the following command and press enter: bload"cas:",r
- Wait and cross your fingers!
- If the load is ok press F1 to flash the firmware, if not try it again, and check the cable and the player volume.